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Quiz Night!

13/05/2016 in Diving

Next Thursday night May 19th

Next Thursday night May 19th

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Try-A-Dive January 2016

16/01/2016 in Club Dives, Community Activities, Cork, Diving, Information, Members, SCUBA, Training


Try-a-Dive Wednesday 27th Jan. From 8:30pm Mayfield Swimming Pool, Cork

Come along to our Scuba Try-A-Dive Night on Wednesday 27th January 2016.

This event is open to new divers as well as to anyone who has tried diving on holidays or experienced divers with qualifications such as PADI, BSAC etc. If you haven’t tried scuba diving before, the Try-A-Dive is a great way to see whether you enjoy it and would like to progress to a diving course.

Try-A-Dive Details
Date: Wednesday, January 27th 2016
Time: Meet at 8:30pm
Location: Mayfield Swimming Pool
(Bring a towel and swimming gear)

We Supply Diving Equipment, Instructors and Supervision

Before you get into the pool, a qualified scuba instructor will spend a little time with you explaining the basics of scuba diving. There is one instructor per person. You will be given an outline of your scuba gear and the basics of scuba diving. All required equipment is supplied free of charge at the Try-A-Dive night.

Its vital that you book a place so we can plan for dive gear and divers.

To contact Cork Sub Aqua Club for more information visit http://blog.corksac.info/ , or leave a message here letting us know that you will attend. If you can’t make it on this date, but are interested learning to dive and/or joining the club, then please contact us.

Diving off Black Head in July

05/08/2015 in Diving

Cork Sub Aqua Club at Black head

Mike McCafferty’s photos taken during a Cork Sub Aqua Club dive off Black Head near Kinsale in late July.

The conditions looked very murky from the surface but visibility under water was surprisingly good.

more on the clubs Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cork.subaqua

Minke Whale off Kinsale Head!

28/06/2015 in Club Dives, Dive Sites

Dive off Kinsale, Cork

Wednesday Diving off Kinsale Head, Cork

This huge yacht with a helipad, lots of Dogfish and a Minke Whale were spotted during our midweek dive at Black Head (near Kinsale) earlier this week!

More pics on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/cork.subaqua

Night Diving in Smerwick Harbour

28/06/2015 in Club Dives, Club Holidays, Diving, Ireland, Members

Cork Sub Aqua Club Night Dive Kerry

Cork Sub Aqua Club Night Diving in Kerry

Pictured are Cork Sub Aqua Club members just before they hopped into to Smerwick harbour in West Kerry for a dive about 11pm on Sunday night during the club’s trip to  Ballydavid (Baile NaGall) over the June Bank holiday weekend.

More photos of the trip on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/cork.subaqua


Diving The Santo

14/06/2015 in Club Dives, Cork, Dive Sites, Diving, Wrecks

Cork Sub Aqua Club at the Santo in Cork Harbour

Cork Sub Aqua Club at the Santo in Cork Harbour

The Santo (also called Sento) is a bucket dredger that sank off Roches Point at the mouth of Cork Harbour while sheltering from a storm on its maiden voyage from Scotland to Formosa (now Tiawan) in 1900.  Cork Sub Aqua Club dived the wreck recently at high tide and a depth of 30m.

See more pics in our facebook gallery: https://www.facebook.com/cork.subaqua

Leading Diver Candidates

14/06/2015 in Cork, Diving, Training


Cork Sub Aqua Club Leading Diver Candidates

Well done to club members Colm Doyle and Declan Curtin who successfully passed their Leading Diver Pre Req exams at Oysterhaven recently.  Thanks to Don McCarthy for being JP, to all the other Jury members who helped out and made sure that the day ran smoothly. Also many thanks to the Coastguard at Oysterhaven for allowing us to use their premises for the exam.

L-R: Greg Jagielski Daunt SAC M1, Andrew Kenny Daunt SAC M2, Ruairi Kenny UCC SAC Candidate, Oliver Buckley Daunt SAC M2, Colm Doyle Cork SAC Candidate, Daire Rush UCC SAC Candidate, Declan Curtin Cork SAC Candidate, Rose Finn Naas SAC M1, Matt Culloty Blackwater SAC M1, Don McCarthy Cork SAC M3 Jury President.

Cork Sub Aqua Club gets a mention in Irish Times Lusitania article

10/05/2015 in Wrecks

Cork Sub Aqua Club in Lusitania articleThe Irish Times recently carried an article on the 100-year controversy about what the Lusitania was carrying when it was fired on by a German U-Boat. According to the Times, “Half a century after the first serious dives to the wreck began – led by John Light, an American who had bought the wreck for £1,000 from the Liverpool & London War Risks Insurance Association – evidence of ammunition has been recovered, such as that found by Patrick Glavin and a team from Cork Sub Aqua Club in 2006. But [the current owner] Bemis argues that there is still no absolute proof that Lusitania was carrying the substantial munitions that Germany had said made it a legitimate target for U-boats”.

Read the full story here

Congrats to our New Instructors

12/03/2015 in Diving, Training


New members may have spotted Declan Curtain, Colm Doyle and Derek Bolton, in training at Mayfield Pool recently.  Pictured above are the lads who have been working hard towards instructor qualifications.
Congrats to all three on passing the test last weekend.   They will be putting trainees through their paces from now on!


Seasearch Survey at Lough Hyne

10/03/2015 in Club Dives, Cork, Diving, Marine Life, Training

Red-mouthed Goby (Gobius cruentatus) in Lough Hyne

Red-mouthed Goby (Gobius cruentatus) in Lough Hyne

Read Tim Butter’s Seasearch Survey Report from dives conducted at Lough Hyne late in 2014.  

During November and December 2014, Dr Tim Butter (Cork Sub Aqua Club member and CFT Scientific Officer),  Tony O’Callaghan (Seasearch Ireland Organiser) and Cork Sub Aqua Club members conducted Seasearch survey dives at Lough Hyne in West Cork.  During the sessions, a number of divers made records of the species and habitats present during those dives. Tim has produced a summary of their findings in a very interesting report.

Read Tim’s report here:
Lough Hyne Seasearch Report 2014

For more information about the Seasearch programme in Ireland and how recreational divers can get involved, visit: 

http://diving.ie/4971-2/  or